Text to 911

"Call If You Can, Text If You Can't"

Southwest Central Dispatch, the 911 Center servicing Palos Heights, is capable of sending and receiving text messages from cellular telephones from all major carriers.

While it can apply to many situations, texting to 911 is best suited for: 

  • Individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have a speech disability
  • A medical emergency that renders a person incapable of speech
  • A situation where it is not safe to place a voice call to 911

Directions for Texting 911

  • Enter 911 in the recipient field of your device
  • Keep your messages short and without abbreviations. Photos and videos cannot be sent or received at this time
  • Text information such as your location, the nature of your emergency, and/or what type of response is needed (i.e. Police, Fire, EMS)
  • Send your message
  • You will receive an acknowledgement message and may receive questions or instructions from the 911 Center