Annoying or Threatening Phone Calls

What To Do If You Receive an Unwanted Call or Text

Often times the easiest thing to do for unwanted calls or texts is to use the block number feature on your cellular phone. Check with your cellular service provider for solutions that they may offer.  For landlines or VOIP phones, contact your telephone service provider for available features they may have to identify and block unwanted calls.  In some cases, service providers may be able to provide call trace information.

About Call Trace

Call Trace can be activated by dialing *57 (1157 using a rotary dial phone) from the customer's home telephone, (only in areas where Call Trace is available in Illinois). A recorded announcement will give you further instruction.

Harassing or Threatening Phone Calls

When reporting harassing, threatening, scam, or otherwise annoying phone calls to the police department, please attempt to gather as much information about the calls and phone number as possible.  A report can be filed in person at the police department either for documentation purposes, or if warranted, for follow-up investigation.

Other Resources

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is a leading resource for information on many topics relating to annoying and scam phone calls and emails.  The FTC also provides a way to report scam type calls and emails through an online submission process.  Please see the links below for further information:

FTC - Limiting Unwanted Calls & Emails

FTC - Scam Alerts

FTC - Complaint Assistant (for filing an online complaint)

National Do Not Call Registry